the photographer

My name is Richard Almasi and I am a web site designer living in Toronto. I got into photography when I was 16 and amassed most of my equipment during this time. Somehow, I lost the desire to take photos sometime around college. I purchased a digital point-and-shoot a few years back in an effort to revive my old hobby, but it wasn't until I got out my old SLR and shot a roll of film that I remembered why I enjoyed photography so much. I am a member of the Toronto Photography Meet-up Group , and I shoot a least a couple of rolls of film a month.

Most of the photos on the web site are current, but some of the photos are from when I first started years ago.

the medium

I used to shoot exclusively on film but as of May 2007 I shoot both digital and film. Digital has always offered lots of flexibility and the quality is finally as good as 35mm film. Film still feels more organic and natural to me and forces the photographer to "see" the shot before it is taken, establishing a analogous connection between the camera lens and the photographer's eye. I take the same approach when shooting digital as I did with film, taking time to frame and think about each shot before it is taken.

I still shoot colour slide, colour print, and B+W print films. All of my film is developed at a local lab, then scanned into Photoshop where I apply any colour corrections and cropping.

why 24 by 36

One frame on a roll of 35 mm film measures 24 x 36 mm. Look for it the next time you see a roll of film — it's right on the cardboard package.


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Most of my camera equipment is several years old, but I've tried to dig up as much as I could about it: