Moszkva Tér - Mòricz Zs. Körtér | February 11, 2006

Yes, it's quite central, but you try shooting a moving streetcar on manual focus. My old camera body didn't having the focus tracking your fancy, new digital cameras have. I happen to like the feeling of movement, the slight grain, and the black and white goodness of it.

And if you're wondering about the title, it refers to the route the streetcar runs from Moscow Square to Mòricz Zsigmond Circus. I'll have to ask my parents who Mòricz Zsigmond was as I can't read Hungarian to save my life, so Google (for once) can't help me.


comment by Owen on February 19, 2006, 12:23 AM

Love this one. I've been playing a lot with movement and time in my recent photos, so that's probably why it appeals to me to so much right now. The train is fairly central, but the diagonal lines of the shot give the photo a real dynamic to it. It makes it feel like the train is being forced forward, almost as though it's falling. I really like it.

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