Out for a stroll | January 22, 2006

People have been asking me to post some black and white photos so here's the first.

This was taken in Budapest in 1998. Yeah, it's a grab shot, but the different elements - the street, the cars, the dog - make it work. I'm a bit disappointed that the man on the left got cut off, but I kind of like him there so I left it in.


comment by Florence on March 3, 2006, 9:27 AM

Hi, if I print this photo will I get good resolution on my photo paper or do you need to send it in a better quality for printing? I would like to have one of your pics in black and white to add to my personal collection. But it needs to be a vertical photo.Of course I would like you to sign it. Thanks.

comment by Richard on March 3, 2006, 11:41 AM

If anyone would like prints of my work, I will be adding a contact form on the website to do so shortly. Until then, just leave a comment and I'll e-mail you back directly.

That being said, please don't print or use my photos for any use without asking first. If you ask, I'll probably say yes, but if you don't ask I'll become very cross and do something not-so-nice. And if you ask nicely, I'll even sign it. See, I'm not so bad, am I?

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