On the rocks | October 26, 2006

I struggled a bit with the creative direction of this photo as there were many possibilities in terms of colour and cropping. This is very close to how it was originally shot in-camera and I wanted to emphasize the rocks in the foreground. This is a photo that I may revisit shortly and post a very different version.

Shot hand-held with a Nikkor 24-85mm lens at 24mm, with a circular polarizer, on Lake Joseph. Canadians call these "Muskoka Chairs" but Wikipedia tells me they're called Adirondack Chairs. All these years I thought we Canucks invented them.

And finally, I've been feeling really worn out lately with work so I haven't been updating my site or visiting other photoblogs as often as I'd like. There are some minor site tweaks and a (big, for me) milestone coming up, so please keep checking in here and I promise to do the same for the blogs I visit regularly.


comment by chantal on October 27, 2006, 10:09 AM

Excellent shot Richard....I like how the middle chair is off-centered, and I love the choice to keep it as close to the original shot as possible. It's beautiful.

Get some rest this weekend....hope you feel energized soon!

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